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Reb Sheya Hanstater, renowned composer from London, has made his mark in the world of Jewish music with a series of hits such as “Rabbi Binyamin,” “Elokei Neshomo,” “V’nomer Lefonov” and “Mi Bon Siyach,” which has become a sought-after tune at many weddings.

Sheya has worked with illustrious producers such as Mona Rosenblum, Hershi Ginsberg, and Chaim Hartman. His compositions have been performed the melodious tones of talented soloists such as Yermiya Damen, Isaac Honig, Zanvel Weinberger Mendy Weiss, and Avrohom Chaim Green with accompaniments by Malchus and Yedidim Choirs.

Sheya’s debut album “Netzach Yisroel,” a collection of 17 compositions was swiftly followed by “V’nomar Lefonov,” which took the Jewish music world by storm. He has since produced several albums and singles with his most recent one “Ahavti Eschem,” being acclaimed as a “true taste of alte Heimish music.”

Sheya has a treasure trove of compositions which he hopes to release in the future.

To listen to some of Sheya’s music, or to find out more about his portfolio and as-yet-unreleased compositions, please browse around this website.

To contact Sheya Hanstater privately write to: sheya@sheya.com