COVID-19 Travel Guidance For UK & France

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For travel to the UK

For travel to France

Travel Guidance & Documents 

If you know what you need and all you’re looking for are the forms to complete click on the links below.
Passenger locator form to enter the UK.
Forms for travel to France.



A quick summery:

Traveling to the UK:  Click on the “For travel to the UK” link above, follow the link to complete the Passenger locator form, can only be completed online. Once completed you will receive a confirmation by email, print it out and make sure you have it ready to show at the border when you arrive in the UK. Failure to provide the form may result in £100 fine per passenger. You are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arriving to the UK.  That’s pretty much it, but we encourage you to click the link above and read the full details.


Traveling to France (Belgium): If you are arriving from a country on the list below, you can enter metropolitan France without any COVID-19-related restrictions or paperwork.

Member States of the European Union, Andorra, Australia, Canada, Georgia, the Holy See, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Rwanda, San Marino, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

If you are arriving from the UK via the United States or Israel you can only enter France if your journey meets one of a list of exceptions, which you can read by following the “For travel to France” link above.

The exemptions include the following:

  • If you hold a valid French or European residence permit or long-stay visa and your main residence is in France or you are crossing France to reach your residence in the European space;
  • If you are transiting for less than 24 hours in an international zone.

If you are entering France while in transit (e.g. to catch a connection flight form Paris or Belgium, you will need to complete the forms (which you can download here). Complete all the details, and check the 4th box (Third country nationals, in transit for less than 24 hours in an international zone.). Sign it and date it. You will also need to complete a SWORN STATEMENT OF ABSENCE OF COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, which is available in the same document.

You may need to provide proof of your onward journey, such as a flight booking confirmation or at least have the details of your flight, (e,g, Flight number, date of travel, Departure time and destination). If you follow these instructions you should be good to go, however we do encourage you to click the “For travel to France” link above and read the full details.


If you need a Heimishe Driver in the UK, or to drive you to France or Belgium, Please email us and we will assist you.