Travel To The United Kingdom

Traveling to the UK:

You must complete the passenger locator form online before you arrive in the UK from any country. This includes if you’re travelling from a country or territory where you do not have to self-isolate when you arrive in the UK. You must complete this form even if you’ve already completed a different form to enter another country.

If you do not complete the form before you arrive in the UK, it’s likely to take you longer to enter the UK. You may face a £100 fine or be refused entry if you do not. You must complete the for, even if you are a British Citizen and were away for just a few hours.

You cannot submit the form until 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK.

You must complete the form online. Do not print out the form and fill it in by hand.

You’ll need:

  • your passport details
  • the name of the airline, train or ferry company you’re travelling with
  • the name of the company organising your tour group – if you’re travelling as part of a tour group
  • your booking reference
  • the name of the airport, port or station you’ll be arriving into
  • the date you’ll be arriving
  • your flight, train, bus or ferry number
  • the address you’ll be staying at for your first 14 days in the UK
  • details of someone who can be contacted if you get ill while you’re in the UK

If you’re travelling by Eurostar or Eurotunnel:

  • put ‘Eurostar’ or ‘Eurotunnel’ when the form asks ‘What is the flight number, train service or ship name that you will arrive on?’
  • provide your scheduled time of departure

Follow the instructions and complete the form. Once completed you’ll be given the option to print it out. If you have a tablet or smartphone you can present it at the border on the phone. if you don’t you must have it printed out.


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